Keyword adwords tool

Why Adwords Keyword tool is important?

Keyword Adwords Tool

Keyword adwords research is the first and very basic task every Internet marketer needs to perform before setting up a website for SEO or doing a PPC campaign. Failing to do so is just like walking in a jungle without any navigation aid. The end result is predictable: You end up lost, frustrated, and stuck and eventually gave up!

There are quite a numbers of adwords and Keyword tools in the Internet Marketing industry you can get some for Free or expect to pay a couple of hundreds for some keyword and adwords research tools.

Free Adwords  Keyword Tool

Google Free Adwords Keyword Tool

When we talk about free keyword or adwords research tools, Google’s free adwords keyword tool is the first that will pop up in your mind.

A very powerful and informative tool indeed. It gather a lot of useful information on the keywords you are targeting like,

  • The gobal and local monthly searches of a particular keyword or keyword pharse people are searching through Google Search engine.
  • The competitiveness of the keyword
  • For Adwords campaign, helps for estimate the average Cost Per Click or the amount of traffic you will get.

There are some detail you need to be aware of when doing your keyword research when using the Google free keyword adwords tool which I will talk about it, base on my own experience.

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